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We offer tenant improvements and renovations for a variety of businesses, industries, and institutions, including offices, retail stores, banks, hotels, hospitals, churches, schools, and restaurants.

Our expert staff can assist you in planning your space to advance staff productivity, improve company organization, and enhance the customer experience.

We pay uncompromising attention to detail and work with architects and interior designers, fine craftsmen, skilled cabinetmakers, master electricians, lighting and security specialists, registered engineers and professional plumbers. We emphasize quality and personal service, making sure your job is completed to your satisfaction.

Chad-Aaron Williams, President and CEO of EMS Management & Consultants, Inc. writes, “Not ‘just a builder’, Triad Builders are true artisans and highly skilled craftsman with a very unique and creative vision. From the beginning, they established a very personal and truly vested interest in our office project. They thoroughly understood our final vision of the office and enhanced every detail in a very unique way.



•Cue & Spirits
•Merfin Systems
•Goodwill Industries
•Frontier Energy
EMS Management
•Vulcan Materials
•Yadkin County Courthouse
Northern Hospital of Surry